Lisa’s course really helped me open my eyes to the beauty and grace around me. I really loved the organization of the class, with a different focus each week, and different tools to practice throughout the week. She really helped us build our toolbox, which is a huge takeaway now that the class has ended. I learned a lot from the exercises we did in class and the meditations she led us through. I am so grateful for the course and look forward to continuing to incorporate what I learned in my day-to-day life.
— Amy C., Chicago
Incorporating Lisa’s MBSR course was a welcome change to my present lifestyle. She shared specific exercises and meditations to help me become more mindful of day-to-day experiences that could lead to stressful and unsavory outcomes. For example, by reframing situations, I learned how to deflect a potential stressful moment by seeing things from a different perspective, which has helped me to be more patient. Additionally, with her background in the medical field, Lisa’s knowledge of how our brains and bodies work in tandem was fascinating while her calming techniques were comforting. Highly recommend!
— Linda B., Chicago
I was searching for a way to relieve stress that I could integrate into my daily life. Lisa has made practicing mindfulness and meditation a simple and seamless addition.
— Seanna, Chicago

For years I was looking for a way to manage my stress levels and become more effective and calm when dealing with high stress situations. Lisa’s course has taught me how to channel my stress in very productive ways.
— Rick, Chicago